Having an online presence is vital to every businesses regardless of the business size. Whether you are a corporate, a small-medium company, a home-based business, or perhaps considering setting up a business, website is a must-have tool, to give you the opportunity in attracting new clients and creating new business opportunities.

As such, your website should be the sales person, who are effectively operate 24/7 online for your company. We offer a wide range of solutions to make your website work for you. Bear in mind that you still need efforts in marketing and advertising to get the name out in the market.


DOMAIN (Register URL)

To start, you must get a domain (, just like you are getting your business registration with the government. Are you having trouble on register a domain name or transfer domains? We are ready to help you on either domain names registration or domain names transfer to our domain registrar. Just leave it to us and we will update you when it is time for renewal. Let us handle all the hassle for you.

WEB HOSTING (Setup Server)

After you have purchased your domain name, you will need a web hosting service (a.k.a server) to display your website on the internet. Just like placing products into your rented or owned premise for business, every domain need a web hosting slot of a server, in order to place the website for displaying 24/7. We understand that the process of arranging a web hosting can seem a bit intimidated if you are unfamiliar with the process. If you do not understand the following terms, such as ‘NameServer’, ‘DNS’ pointing and ‘Cpanel’, then just let our technical expertise handle all these for you. Just to be clear. We are not a purely hosting company. We only offer website hosting and managed the services as a value-added service for our web design and web development clients.


STATIC WEBSITE (Basic & Standard Plan)

Our static website solution is designed to help you getting your business online at an affordable price. It is constructed by HTML coding / fixed code to display your website content on each web pages. Therefore, you do not have the flexibility to change / edit the website contents by yourself.


DYNAMIC WEBSITE (Catalog / Informative - iCMS Plan)

Our iCMS website solution enables you to take full control on maintaining and updating your website with our easy-to-use backend interface. As a non-technical user, you can manage your website contents easily whenever there is a launching of new products, new promotion, price adjustment, etc.


DYNAMIC WEBSITE (eCommerce / Online Shop - eShop Plan)

Our eCommerce website solution gives you your own storefront to sell your products on. It allows you to setup and run your own online store promotion, list your products, accept credit card orders, ship your goods, etc. all with a few clicks of the mouse.



Our flexi website solution is purely dedicated to help all our existing customers to save the hassles on maintaining their website. We understand that as a business owner, you might not have the time and resources to maintain or update your website contents. Moreover, not everyone is a tech-savvy. With this solution, you will never have to worry about your website again. We charge monthly basis according to your updating frequency, in order  to maintain the website that you had developed with us. You focus on your business operations while we assist on your website management.